9 Best Adidas Boxing Gloves Review In 2023!

Adidas boxing gloves

Today, I have come up with some of my favorite Adidas boxing gloves review. Because, in recent years, it has become very popular among mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and other combat athletes. 

As one of the biggest names in the industry, it’s no surprise that Adidas makes some of the best professional boxing gloves out there.

They make them with premium materials like leather and extra padding. It ensures comfort and durability while protecting your hands from injury.

But how do you know which pair of boxing gloves to choose? These helpful reviews can make an informed decision when you go shopping.

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Best Overall: Adidas Boxing Gloves – Speed 50 Boxing & Kickboxing

Adidas Boxing Gloves Comparison Table

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Why are Adidas boxing gloves so popular?

The most popular boxing gloves are from Adidas. Their popularity is based on their design and functionality.

Mike Tyson wore one of these pro boxing gloves, which helped its popularity!

The biggest reason for their popularity is their padding and wrist support. Most Adidas boxing gloves have poor wrist support and inadequate padding, but it’s better than average with these.

These are also more affordable than other brands. It makes them an excellent choice for new boxers or those on a budget.

9 Best Adidas Boxing Gloves Reviews

1. Adidas Boxing Gloves – Speed 50 Boxing & Kickboxing

adidas boxing gloves review


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These Adidas Speed 50 Boxing & Kickboxing Gloves are designed with all the essential features and specifications you need to stay safe and comfortable during your training sessions.

They come at an affordable price, making them easy on your wallet.

The Look:

After unboxing, these gloves were great when I first put them on. Adidas manufacturers these gloves out of polyurethane leather, which makes them very durable.

The Velcro strap secures tightly and does not slip, but you may need to double-strap for extra security. If you love adidas sparring gloves, then you should look at them.

Fit and Comfort:

For boxing gloves, comfort is important because you’ll be wearing them for a long time. The only way to know if boxing gloves are comfortable is to try them on for size.

Please look at how they fit and make sure your knuckles aren’t crammed too tight. These gloves come in several size options. They should fit your hand perfectly.

Build Material:

Adidas makes the outer shell of this adispeed boxing glove is of polyurethane, which makes it very durable. Although they’re a little stiff, you will begin to break them in after a few uses.

I’ve been using mine for about two months now. They are much softer than when I first started using them.

It’s got good quality stitching on top of your fingers or thumb area like other boxing gloves have. This gives you better grip control during sparring sessions.

Padding Quality:

The adidas boxing gloves have thick padding covering your entire hand and part of your forearm. This is great for comfort and protection.

However, sometimes these thicker pads can get in your way. At the same time, you box because they will limit how much flexibility you have in your arms, but that is not a big deal as they are very protective and sturdy.

Longevity & Durability:

The adidas Speed 50 Bag Boxing & Kickboxing gloves are built to last as most boxing gloves. Adidas makes these gloves with high-quality polyurethane leather. They should be able to handle years of heavy-duty workouts.

Additionally, the mesh lining is comfortable, ensuring that you won’t have any hot spots or blisters while training.

Why should you buy that?

If you’re looking for a pair of long-lasting boxing or kickboxing adidas training boxing gloves at an affordable price, these could be your best bet.

What to check?

Honestly, I didn’t find any bad thing in these pairs of boxing gloves. You can proceed without any hesitation.

2. Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves Review

adidas boxing gloves review

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When it comes to training and sparring in the ring, you need top-quality boxing gloves that are comfortable and protective.

Fortunately, Adidas has created these Hybrid 100 boxing Gloves, which offer the best performance and comfort, whether you’re brand new to boxing or an experienced sports veteran.

The Look:

The majority of users have given a positive opinion about its looks. It stands out, and you can’t mistake it for any other pair of boxing gloves on the market.

It seems like a good choice if you are looking for something different from what is already there.

Fit and Comfort:

One of my favorite things about these beautiful gloves is their fit and comfort. I have long, slender fingers, and they get all smashed together in most boxing gloves.

These aren’t like that at all. I don’t even feel like I have any gloves when I wear them. The Adidas Hybrids are also incredibly lightweight.

If you are looking for 14 oz boxing gloves, Adidas, then check it might fit you well.

Build Material:

The hybrid boxing gloves are constructed from polyurethane and mesh. Adidas especially makes them from one molded foam material. Because of these materials, you will not experience much friction when punching.

This makes them a good option for beginners—particularly those who want to build up their hand speed and endurance without experiencing soreness in their hands.

Padding Quality:

The padding on these gloves is very comfortable and makes them easy to punch without discomfort. The inner lining also helps reduce sweat and minimizes any irritation you may experience.

No matter how long you train, your hands will stay protected because of these boxing gloves.

Longevity & Durability:

Adidas manufacturers these gloves to last long. I have had mine for almost a year. I have no complaints. They’re still in excellent condition with just a few light spots here and there, nothing major.

The straps on these gloves are very high quality and will last you a long time if you take care of them correctly.

Why should you buy that?

The Hybrid is a fantastic first boxing glove for any beginner or intermediate fighter. These fitness pro boxing gloves will get you into top form and keep you safe. 

You will also learn how to throw a punch with excellent padding, hand protection, and versatility.

What to check before buying?

 If you have a substantial hand, you might consider a big size because I feel the glove is slightly smaller. However, this seems not to be a big deal for most users.

3. Review of Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves

adidas boxing gloves pink

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For many years, Adidas has been producing all types of sports equipment. One of the top products in their line of boxing gloves is the Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves.

It provides an exceptional fit and feel at an affordable price point for beginners and experienced boxers alike.

The look:

As soon as I removed them from their packaging, I could tell that Adidas made these gloves so well. The brightly colored leather felt smooth and soft.

The stitching was solid, not messy like other brands I’ve tried in my boxing gym. If you are searching for an adidas women’s boxing gloves review, this is it.

Fit & comfort:

The fit is excellent with these gloves. They are full-fingered gloves, so I’m never left feeling insecure when wearing them.

After long training sessions, there’s no soreness on my hands or fingers, which makes me happy. Additionally, it is more secure with the Velcro/elastic strapping system.

Build Material:

Adidas makes these adidas boxing gloves pink out of leather and have a nice feel. They are pretty flexible, and you can quickly move your hands in them. To top it off, they have a fantastic design that matches well with other Adidas speed boxing gloves.

Padding quality:

The first thing I look for in gloves is padding quality. These gloves do not have thick foam or gel-like some other brands.

But their waffle-like padding works well at absorbing hits without causing harm to your hands. The inside lining is smooth and slightly tacky and feels good in your hand.

Longevity & Durability:

Training gloves are an investment. If you’re going to shell out money for something, you want it to last.

The Adidas boxing gloves are incredibly durable—the top-quality leather is guaranteed to outlast almost all brands.

Why should you buy that?

If you love bright textures and colors with leather material and are searching for cheap Adidas boxing gloves, this is one of the best choices you have on the market.

What is the disadvantage?

These gloves do not come in many sizes. So you should check it before purchasing.

4. Adidas Boxing Gloves for Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Bag, Training & Fitness

adidas boxing gloves

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No matter your fighting style or the size of your hands, pro-fight boxing gloves can make everything simple for sparring, bag work, and general fitness training.

These adidas boxing gloves are one such option, thanks to their lightweight build, padded knuckles, wrist support, and more.

The look:

It is available in multiple color schemes, including black with blue accents, red with black accents, etc. The design of these gloves creates an impressive profile that looks great whether you’re wearing them or not.

Fit & Comfort:

I do fitness (I train 5-6 days a week) and love boxing training with gloves, so I was very eager to try them out. After purchasing, I tried them thoroughly: they fit great! Additionally, if you need adidas boxing gloves 16oz, this will suit you well.

Build Material:

This Adidas sparring boxing glove is a product of polyurethane and leather. This material allows it to be rigid and flexible. 

Many boxing gloves use this leather to protect the hands from bruising while enabling them to absorb impact effectively.

Padding quality:

The quality of a glove is measured by how much shock absorption and hand protection it provides. I have tried this pair several times, and they were outstanding.

Longevity & Durability:

Boxing gloves don’t usually last long. After just a few months of use, even high-end brands fall apart. The Adidas Hybrid Boxing Glove is designed to handle just about any punishment you throw at it.

Why should you purchase this?

If you like to do various sports like boxing, kickboxing, bagging, MMA training, etc., these adidas youth boxing gloves are the best choice.

What to check before purchasing?

There is nothing major issue I have found. However, it would be best if you were careful when purchasing.

5.  Adidas Boxing Gloves Mens & Womens Kids Gym Training!

Adidas Boxing Gloves Mens Womens Kids Gym Training


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Using boxing gloves to train in the ring or on the bag can help you build muscles, burn calories, relieve stress, and improve coordination, especially if you’re wearing suitable gloves.

We put these Adidas boxing gloves through their paces to determine if they lived up to their claim of maximum protection and comfort. 

We were not disappointed!

The look:

One of my favorite things about these beautiful gloves is how lightweight they are. It feels like a feather in my hand. 

Additionally, the color variation is the thing that makes it perfect. Check it out if you search for black and white Adidas boxing gloves.

The Fit:

As with most Adidas products, these gloves fit relatively true to size. I ordered a size large, which is my normal size when ordering boxing gloves, and they fit me well. 

Not too tight and not too loose. If you are looking for kids adidas boxing gloves or men’s adidas boxing gloves, this one covers them all.

Build Material:

The boxing gloves come with high-quality polyurethane and are therefore robust and long-lasting. 

The manufacturer also gives a warranty on quality defects, so you know that you are getting quality boxing gloves for your money.

Padding quality:

When I first picked up these amazing gloves, I was amazed at how comfortable they felt. The padding on these gloves is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a boxing glove.

They have an extra layer of padding to ensure that your knuckles are well protected, especially during hand strikes.

Longevity & Durability:

As you can see in our boxing glove review, they’re incredibly durable and last long. These Adidas boxing gloves 12oz/14oz/16oz or should last forever with you.

Why should you purchase this?

If you are training hard and looking to get into boxing, white Adidas boxing gloves will be perfect. Not only do they look good, but they are also very comfortable and long-lasting.

Also, check it out-

There is an only white color option available.

6. Boxing Gloves Review: Adidas Men’s & Women’s Boxing Gloves

adidas boxing gloves review

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Adidas makes quality boxing gloves that are both affordable and durable. This is one of the reasons they’re such popular boxing gloves makers among beginners and advanced boxers alike.

This adidas pro boxing review has a lot more to explore-

The look:

These gloves are made from polyurethane and feel stiff in your hands. However, when you lace them up and start hitting a punching bag, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable they are on your hands.

The design also features large ventilated thumbholes that improve breathability. These black and gold Adidas boxing gloves will surprise you.

Fit & Comfort:

The Adidas boxing gloves are a well-crafted product with a snug but comfortable fit that stays put when you train.

Build Material:

These boxing gloves are made of polyurethane. If you plan on using them for sparring, you may want to look for an alternative material.

Polyurethane is better suited for training and bag work since it absorbs less shock than other materials.

Padding Quality:

The padding on these gloves is excellent and should stand up to heavy punches for a long time.

The shock-absorbing gel padding will protect your hands from severe injury and help reduce the hand and wrist soreness of boxing.

Longevity & Durability:

One of my favorite aspects of these gloves is their durability. They are strong, with thick, durable leather. 

They can stand up to over a year’s worth of heavy training sessions and thousands of rounds on heavy and speed bags.

Why should you buy this?

If you’re looking for boxing gloves that are stylish, dependable, and affordable, then these boxing gloves from Adidas are an excellent choice.

Is there anything to consider?

If you like colors, you might be disappointed as this does not come with many color options.

7. Boxing Gloves Review – Adidas Boxing Gloves

adidas Boxing Gloves

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You don’t have to be Rocky Balboa to get value out of this pair of boxing gloves from Adidas.

These high-quality boxing gloves are perfect for all levels of experience. It makes them suitable for beginner boxers and professionals looking to step up their training game!

The Look:

People often say that boxing gloves are simply ugly, though these people have never seen an Adidas boxing glove. Not only do they look great, but also they are very comfortable to wear.

In addition, you can get them in several different colors to match your specific preferences. 

One more thing, if you are searching for red Adidas boxing gloves, then you should check them out.

Fit & Comfort:

They’re comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. The foam in them is pretty firm, though there’s some giving to it. You can certainly feel that they conform to your hand shape nicely (this is a good thing).

Build Material:

The Adidas training boxing gloves are not like ordinary gloves you wear for boxing. They are specifically designed to protect your hands and knuckles while punching in a boxing match. These boxing gloves can last over a year easily with proper care.

Padding Quality:

The PU (polyurethane) padding is excellent for shock absorption but won’t harden over time. These gloves are lovely since they are made from quality materials and are padded well for comfort.

Longevity & Durability:

The Adidas boxing gloves we reviewed were durable and safe. Their boxing gloves were also comfortable and stable in our testing. We tested it with the heavy bag, double end bag, and speed bag workouts.

Why should you buy this?

If you go for training often, these black and red Adidas boxing gloves are the best. They are very comfortable and have a superior grip on their surface.

Is there anything to know before purchasing?

 You should check out the stitching quality while purchasing because some consumers raised complaints about lousy stitching.

8. Adidas Performer Boxing Glove Lather Review

adidas Performer Boxing Glove

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If you are a pro fighter and are looking for leather boxing gloves that will meet your requirements, this is the best choice. This is one of my best used Adidas Boxing gloves reviews. Let’s take a look-

The Look:

If you are looking for black Adidas boxing gloves, check out this one. It offers a clean and classic design. I particularly like how lightweight they are, especially compared to some of Adidas’ other gloves. The black leather on these is also a nice feature.

Fit & Comfort:

The first thing you will notice about these boxing gloves is how comfortable they are. They feel very natural in your hands, even with repeated use and wear.

The lace-up wrist strap helps to ensure a snug fit, making it hard for gloves to come off in mid-flight.

Build Material:

The Adidas Boxing Gloves are built with durable leather and have a good rebound. This allows for better performance during your boxing workout, especially when you’re trying to strengthen your hand speed.

Padding Quality:

Adidas has been making top-notch boxing gloves for years. These are no exception—the lather on these gloves allows plenty of movement while still being supportive.

Longevity & Durability:

Adidas’s 16 oz boxing gloves are high-quality leather and hold up much better than other brands.

This is great because you’ll still be using these same pairs after your first couple of months. But you will fall in love with them even more as they break in and mold to your hand like no other glove.

Why should you buy that?

If you’re looking for well-built Adidas performance boxing gloves, look no further than Adidas’s Performer Boxing Gloves.

With durable hand-padding and a stylish design, these gloves feel as good as they look. That’s why they’re perfect for both professional and amateur boxers.

What to know before buying?

These gloves do not come with a lot of size variations.

9. Adidas Speed TILT 8 Boxing Gloves Review

Adidas Speed TILT 8 Boxing Gloves Review


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Boxing gloves need to be functional as well as comfortable and protective. Is the Speed TILT 150 boxing glove from Adidas up to the task? Yes, this is one of the best professional and pro boxing gloves.

The Look:

My friend purchased these Adidas ultra-premium competition boxing gloves for me as a gift, and they look cool. They have black-and-red coloring with a sparkly texture on them. This is pretty unique compared to other boxing gloves I’ve seen.

Fit & Comfort:

It’s not surprising that a boxing glove would fit better than other workout gloves, but it is nice to have that confirmed by a brand name like Adidas.

The lining of these gloves was designed with comfort in mind, and they deliver on that promise: These gloves fit very well and make working out enjoyable.

The Materials:

The Adidas Speed Tilt is a budget-friendly boxing glove. Adidas crafts them from polyurethane. It uses two layers of foam to cushion your hand as you throw punches.

While gloves in a lower price range often sacrifice quality for the price, that’s not necessarily true here.

The inner layer is made from EVA foam, which provides shock absorption when connecting with a target. That keeps your hands and wrists safe from injury.

Padding Quality:

Good padding can make or break a pair of boxing gloves. The Adidas gloves come with decent padding. And these Adidas speed boxing gloves will make you feel great.

Longevity & Durability:

Construction-wise, these gloves have lasted me a long time. The PU material is durable and has held up well through years of use. After all of that wear and tear, they still look pretty new.

Why should you buy this?

If you’re looking for a little more padding than a traditional boxing glove but still want something that moves with your hand, look no further.

What to know before buying?

A few users complain about lousy stitching quality. However, if you check it while purchasing, there should not be an issue.

How To Choose The Right Boxing Glove For You

Adidas glove buying guide is a good resource for beginners or those who want to ensure they get a quality glove.

This will take you through everything from choosing between gloves to fitting your gloves correctly.


First, make sure you are getting authentic gloves. Look at every detail of your new boxing glove. Determine if it is genuine or a knockoff.

A fake glove will not last as long and will not perform as well as an authentic one when you use it for various punches or when you want to focus on hand speed training.


Second, choose between a traditional boxing glove or a bag mitt. A conventional boxing glove is used in competitions and heavy bags, while a bag mitt is used with punching bags only.

It would help if you chose an Adidas bag mitt over an Adidas regular boxing glove. That is because you will get better control of your punch when hitting a punching bag.

Plus, you can simulate getting hit by another boxer more accurately when training because you won’t have extra padding on your palm.

Closure Type:

Third, choose between velcro or lace boxing gloves. This is a matter of personal preference, but here are some tips to help you decide: Velcro gloves are great for beginners because they are easy to get on and off quickly;

They also offer a snug fit that doesn’t need to be adjusted too much during a training session. You can focus more on learning proper techniques than fixing bad form due to an ill-fitting glove.


Fourth, choose between different weights of boxing gloves (in ounces). Again, it’s a matter of personal preference;

However, if you are just starting in boxing or Muay Thai and want to feel how much power you can generate in your punches, consider buying boxing gloves 12 oz.

Build Materials:

Last, if you plan on sparring or hitting a heavy bag at home, get Adidas leather boxing gloves. And if you are only hitting pads and punching bags at home, get synthetic ones.

Leather boxing gloves are sturdier and will last longer if you use them for sparing because they absorb more impact than synthetic gloves do. 

That means that your training sessions won’t have to end as quickly due to developing blisters or sore hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary for me to wear anything underneath my boxing gloves?

It is necessary to wear hand wraps underneath boxing gloves. Hand wraps are essential, as they provide support for your wrist and knuckles, preventing you from getting injured in any way possible.

2. What is the most appropriate color for boxing gloves?

First of all, there are two types of boxing gloves: competition gloves and training gloves. Competition gloves are usually red or blue, while training gloves tend to be black. You should know what type you’re looking for before you begin your search.

3. Which type of glove is better: one with rigid foam or one with soft foam?

You’re probably wondering which type of glove is better – a hard-foam or a soft-foam one. The truth is, it largely depends on your personal preference, as well as your budget.

4. Does Adidas make suitable boxing gloves?

If you’re new to boxing and are looking to buy your first pair of gloves, or you are a pro boxer, whatever, yeah, Adidas makes suitable boxing gloves.

5. What are the best boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. If you are looking for the best gloves, you should look at my Adidas boxing gloves reviews.

Final Thought

Adidas boxing gloves are popular amongst athletes and fitness buffs due to their versatility, safety, and comfort. But shopping for new adidas boxing gloves can be a daunting task because of all that is available.

It’s not uncommon for people to choose an unsuitable pair simply because they don’t know what to look for. We created the adidas boxing gloves review guide—to help you make a significant purchase decision!

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