Top 8 Best Boxing Gloves For Women

best boxing gloves for women
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Have you ever wanted to punch someone’s guts out, but then remembered that it’d just be too much explaining to everyone?

Well, since you are reading this article, I assume you already have worked out a way around that. You’re thinking of boxing, and we’re thinking the same.  

Yes, redemption is in pugilism. Punch all you want, jab and grab your opponent, give him the straight, the bolo punch, and much more until you find your glory in the fistic world. 

But hey, your knuckles need to be protected, okay? We are not going to let you be an amateur about this. So, let’s put on our smarty pants now.

Let’s talk about the best boxing gloves for women on the market. 

Best Boxing Gloves for Women Reviews

We have everything you need. All about the colors, the quality, longevity, and more. There are many options in the market. But you won’t get confused as long as you have an idea about the good ones available right now.

Therefore, we have made you a list. Take a look.

1. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 Limited Edition – Wild Animal Collection Tiger Leopard Zebra Dalmatian 

Boxing glove doesn’t get as fancy as this. These shocking yellow animal printed boxing gloves are all you need to start committing to this amazing sport. These are great quality gloves that have everything you could ask for in professional gloves but within a very low price range. 

These are available in 4 different sizes – 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz. If you are lacking the motivation to start going on regular practice, then these amazing gloves are what you need. 

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1
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Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1

Not only are these good for sparring, but they will also serve you well in training professional martial arts. They are made with leather that are the closest to genuine leather in quality.

Moreover, the inside of these gloves has a layer of mesh, which promotes evaporation of the sweat by trapping them in a non-permeable material. 

This is why these gloves do not stink up as much as gloves without the layer of mesh. All the sweat gets absorbed into the mesh and gradually evaporates from there without spreading out into the whole glove.  

The gloves have a hook-and-loop system, which closes firmly around the wrists, so once you put on the gloves properly, you can forget about them and throw yourself around with as much dexterity as you want inside the ring.


  • Can handle all types of boxing styles
  • Available in different sizes
  • Looks amazing 
  • Very sturdy 
  • Meshy material inside


  • Takes time to loosen up

2. Ringside Women’s IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

This ringside training and sparring gloves come in two color combinations; blue, green, ash and pink, black, ash. These certainly are nice colors to look at. But are you wondering if looks will match up to the quality of performance?

Yes, these textured leather/vinyl gloves have been particularly designed to fit the shape of your hands so that they wrap up properly from all tiny angles and cushion the on-coming blows. An attached thumb comes with the kit to ensure that the whole hand gets enough protection.

Ringside Women's IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves
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Ringside Women’s IMF Tech Boxing Gloves

The leather is synthetic but very sleek and durable. Also, the material on these gloves will last a long time, and even with regular wear, they will not tear. The vinyl cover on the gloves gives extra protection to the hands by acting as a buffer against the blows. 

Another thing we have to mention is that the gloves are padded with soft foam. This further protects the hands and bones. There is also a hook-and-loop strap of around 4 inches wide, which allows a lot of flexibility and comfort to the user.


  • Very snug fit
  • Good support on the knuckles and wrists
  • Durable leather
  • All the colors are amazing to look at


  • Sewing on the mitt falls apart
  • Loose padding on the tip of the gloves 
  • The wrap around the wrist is loose

3. Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

These gloves were created with every beginner in mind. Some might not want to spend so much on their first pair of gloves; some might not be able to. But if you are looking for comfort and protection, then these gloves can very well take care of that. 

The gloves have been tested by professional users like Mike Lee and Michael Bisping, who have vouched for these gloves due to their strong build and durability. 

Moreover, even though the leather is synthetic, the company has not compromised on the quality. Rather, close attention has been given in the development and engineering process of the gloves to ensure that they last long, and age well with time. 

When you wear these gloves, you will feel lightweight and invincible. The gel works as a buffer and prevents injuries. The gloves have a layer of gel infused in them in order to ensure that they are soft enough to properly cushion the strength of the blows, so as to save your knuckles and wrists from getting hurt.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves
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Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Training Gloves

Even if you lack the skills, you will at least not have to worry about the gloves coming off mid-session, and this confidence alone will boost up your performance. 


  • Fits and feels great
  • Good quality 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good value for the money


  • Very tight around the hand wraps – you might need to buy extra straps

4. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves, Kickboxing Bagwork Gel Sparring Training Glove

These professional gloves can be used in many different variations of Mixed Martial Arts; Muay Thai, kickboxing, and sparring because they are built with enough sturdiness to handle different types of techniques. 

This company has become so reliable that a lot of their products are being forged by other manufacturers. Please take care to check for the barcode when purchasing this, to make sure that you are getting the authentic product.

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves
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Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves

Now, to talk about the construction, these gloves will give you amazing quality and performance even if they are made of faux leather. The leather is of very good quality and will not give in to regular use.

These are very easy to clean, as well. Also, your hands will sweat less in these gloves due to the layer of breathable mesh incorporated into the construction. Moreover, the multi-layered foam will work wonders for shock absorption and give you the best protection against ill-timed punches that might be hit harder than intended.

The accuracy in the anatomic structure of the gloves will make it effortless to focus on the fight.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Breathable mesh inside
  • Lightweight and soft 
  • Very good fit


  • Stiff padding

5. Century Boxing Glove with Diamond Tech? (women’s) Pink 10 oz. 

These gloves are not for sparring. They are made for heavy bag workouts and fitness training. Many layers of high-density foam are pressed together to give it a sturdy construction that allows it to absorb the highest amount of shock. 

This is useful in two ways- one, your hand won’t be aching after the practice and two, you will be able to keep hitting for a long time without getting fatigued. 

Century Boxing Glove with Diamond Tech
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Century Boxing Glove with Diamond Tech

They also have cushioned bar grips, which lets you make stronger and firmer grips that can hit with more accuracy and precision. You will always feel like you are in control of your movements, and this will work magic on your punches. 

Many gloves slip off of the hands during practice, and that sort of weakness weighs very heavy on the user as there can be a multitude of accidents that might happen as a result of that. 

These gloves, however, will not slip. The wrists are a hook and loop system, which keeps the gloves locked into place – this eliminates the one unnecessary fear of losing the gloves in the middle of practice and lets you focus on the right things. It also comes with a tied thumb, which helps you in keeping proper form.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Versatile
  • Hook and loop closure on the wrists
  • Lightweight and well-padded


  • Not for adults

6. Flexzion Boxing Sparring Training Gloves Pro Muay Thai Kickboxing Heavy Bag

Padding is the most important feature of boxing gloves. In these gloves, you will have padding both on the front and on the back of the wrist. This two-sided protection will give you the safety you want in order to maintain the proper technique while you try out your moves. 

The padding has both latex and PVC foam, which join forces to give you a cushioned effect that will give you the confidence to try out moves that you had never tried before.   

Flexzion Boxing Sparring Training Gloves
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Flexzion Boxing Sparring Training Gloves

Also, the glove kit comes with an attached thumb, and along with that, a ThumbLock feature to hold the thumb and the fist properly into place. This locked thumb system will give you more dexterity than you can imagine. 

The Velcro wrist hand wraps is another feature that always makes these gloves stay firmly on your hands. They are very easy to wear and take off. And although these are mainly marketed as women’s gloves, these gloves are good for both men and women. And as good for professionals, as for beginners. 

These are also very durable. You need only buy them once, and they will accompany you through your entire journey in the pugilistic world. 


  • Padding both on the front and the wrists
  • Latex and PVC shock absorbers
  • Comes with a ThumbLock feature 
  • Velcro wrist hand wraps


  • Only available in a few sizes 

7. RDX MMA Gloves Women Grappling Martial Arts Sparring Punching Bag 

These leather gloves are made with special resilient Maya hide are very reliable. They will last you through your practices and even competitions. The three-layered styrofoam padding curves on these gloves are contoured with polymax so that they fit the knuckles firmly and give you well-rounded protection against any abrupt, awkward shocks. 

Furthermore, the material of the gloves stretches out to encapsulate the fists in a way that gives the most support to all the contours of the hand and the wrists. 

RDX MMA Gloves Women Sparring Punching Bag
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RDX MMA Gloves Women Sparring Punching Bag

Now, the inside of the gloves is lined with a micro-fabric that contains a wicking material that grabs on to moisture and keeps it away from the skin. This allows the skin of the hands to breathe, so that air passes through the material and give your hands some ventilation. 

As a result of this, your hands don’t sweat as much, and therefore bacteria-causing germs can’t survive inside the gloves. Consequently, you will never find these gloves stink up. 

Additionally, the specially cut palm-side design lets moisture escape, while giving you a stronger grip. The flexibility and the strength of the grip also give you a very easy switch from practicing with hand-held weights to training.


  • Very durable and lightweight
  • Efficient protection against shocks 
  • Special moisture-wicking microfabric lining inside 
  • Special palm-cut design for better grip


  • Not ideal for punching bags

8. RDX Ladies Boxing Gloves Gel Bag Mitts Grappling Punch MMA Womens Pink Gym Kick

The pads of these boxing mitts are injected with multi-layered gel foam, which gives them an extra cushioning effect. These gloves also have moisture absorbing wicker, made with the luxurious Taffeta, that just adds to the beautiful exterior of pink and white. 

These gloves come with hand wraps which have double fasteners to ensure that the gloves don’t get loose during fights. Due to the encompassing padding on these gloves, they are ideal for sparring and training. 

RDX Ladies Boxing Gloves Gel Bag Mitts
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RDX Ladies Boxing Gloves Gel Bag Mitts

The eyelets cling closely to the hand and give extra comfort to the user. The grip bar has a slight cushioning in order to give the fists better grip that will reduce hand fatigue and will allow you to continue practicing for longer.  

It also has a special thumb attachment that is adjustable to all sizes. You can also try out experimental moves with these gloves. In that case, it will be very important for you to feel secure with your gloves. 


  • Multi-layered gel foam in the pads 
  • moisture-absorbing wicker
  • Beautiful exterior 
  • Very strong grips 
  • Come in many different sizes


  • The thumb doesn’t come with support

Things to Consider Before Getting A Pair

There are many aesthetic boxing gloves in the market. They all look very tempting and of good quality. But if you are serious about your fists, then I suggest you look more into the factors you need to consider before buying.

You can always check out our Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners and Professional Fight for making a better decision.


In fighting, you need to be very alert about your opponent sneaking up on you. 

Some colors make the opponents’ fists more visible, while other colors take time to register, and therefore, are less visible when cutting a quick angle. However, nowadays, professional fighters use whatever color they like, and it makes no difference in their performance. 

For practice, however, you are recommended to wear vibrant colors because they will keep you more focused during the practice.

Type of Gloves

Let’s talk about different types of gloves;

  • Bag Gloves

These are for punching the bag gloves. There are two types of bag gloves; heavy and light. Heavy ones have thicker and denser material while light bag gloves have thinner and lighter material. 

  • Sparring Gloves

These are used for practicing with other people. They have a substantial amount of padding and are quite heavy.

Well, we do have a detailed post about Bag Gloves vs Sparing Gloves. Check it out to know more in details.

  • Training Gloves

These are your safest choice if you don’t know whether you want to spar or punch bags. These gloves can do both to a satisfying extent. Best choice for those who are now taking their baby steps into the boxing world.

Size of The Gloves

The size is measured according to the weight in ounces. For women, the gloves range from 4 and 20 ounces to 8 and 16 ounces. 

For sparring, use heavy gloves. And if you want to use it for punching bags, then lighter gloves will be more than good enough. 

Materials the Gloves Are Made With

Here, we’ll talk about the materials of the gloves;

  • Genuine Leather

These are the gloves that are made with real cowhide. These are more expensive and more durable than the fake leather gloves, of course. 

However, they require proper maintenance and a proper way of storage in order to retain their longevity. 

If you have some expertise in boxing, then you could consider buying these, but if you are a beginner, then I suggest that you buy fake leather.

  • Synthetic Leather

Synthetic gloves are a budget-friendly choice. These gloves are strong too, and they can withstand a lot of pressure. However, they do not last that long on the shelf. They are going to get affected by the humidity and moisture and start chipping off over time. 

But even then, it takes a long time for them to deteriorate. Therefore, if you are a beginner in boxing, then I recommend that you don’t dive in with a big investment. Give faux leather a try first. 

  • Vinyl

These are easy to clean and are cost-effective. They are definitely not as durable as faux or real leather, but they are a good alternative and a more reasonable buy for beginners. 

  • PU

These are not as durable as either leather or vinyl. But they are resistant to shredding. They are also inexpensive, and even though these are not as comfortable as leather, they are quite good for a beginner as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions because you know we have the answers. Read on to know how accurately we have read into your worries about boxing gloves.

1. What size of boxing gloves should I buy?

This is usually chosen based on the circumference of your hands. And don’t worry. The place where you go to look for them will give you a chart that will tell you exactly what size will be best for you.

2. How do I make my gloves smell fresh? 

Use a cleanser with alcohol in it to clean your gloves with. This will kill all the germs in it. Additionally, when you store them, use the sock method. 

3. What is the sock method of storing boxing gloves?

Take two old but clean socks. Fill them up with cedar chips. Then put each of those socks into each glove, keep them in the drawer at night and forget about them till the morning.

4. Do I need to wear hand wraps with gloves? 

Yes, wear hand wraps. Your sweat will get absorbed into them as opposed to directly finding their way into your gloves. 

5. Can I wash my hand wraps? 

Yes, hand wraps are made with material particularly suited to the scrubbing and sponging. 

6. How often will I have to replace my gloves?

This depends on how hard your punches are. Not too often, if you are just starting out. But if you have practiced for some time and can throw a few mean punches, then they will wear out sooner. 


Boxing is the only real fight club you can legally be a member of. Not only will do boxing gloves feel good, but they also make you feel strong and invincible. They are very necessary items for you to practice the art of boxing properly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your new gloves and get ready for fight club.

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