Boxing Gear For Beginners

Perfect Boxing Gear for Beginners

Perfect Boxing Gear for Beginners :Proper Guideline In 2022

Now we will discus about boxing gear for beginners.Do you want to box like those characters in movies? Beat the life out of someone to win and come out of it scratch-free?

You may practice all you want but you simply cannot do that. You need the best boxing gear for beginners.

Unless you are some supernatural being with nobody that hurts, of course. Boxing may seem like it is all about your body strength, toughness and practice but, it’s not. You are still mortal and susceptible to injuries even after years of training as a boxer.

And, right now, you are just a beginner. What makes boxing look so elegant and tough is its gears. They are there offering the boxers everything they need to go on boxing and make the best use of their skills.

In fact, without the boxing gears, boxers would be just regular people with broken wrists, rib, face, and more. Therefore, it is crucial a beginning boxer like you get the boxing equipment for beginners. You need to know what you need and how each of them helps you to actually be motivated to buy them.

So, we will cover all the boxing gear for beginners that you can consider. Because remember, you are nothing but a beat-up piece of the human without your boxing equipment for beginners to protect you. Neither will you be able to hit your enemy nor will be able to protect yourself from him without your boxing gear for beginners.

Boxing Gear for Beginners: The Ones for Comfort and Spirit

You do not just enter a chemistry laboratory wearing your shorts unless you are living inside it. An apron is usually mandatory. Therefore, you have to buy or wear clothes and shoes suitable for boxing in the club or ring.

1. Boxing Shoes-To put your legs in the spirit.

The first best thing you can do in boxing has excellent punch strength and target accuracy. Apparently, the second would be using your legs to attack and also be on defense whenever you need to. You do not want your enemy to pull a punch on you without facing a challenge.

boxing gears for beginners

And, it is mostly your legs that provide the challenge. You will have to run around the ring, you will have to deceive your opponent and you will have to be fast. It is redundant to mention that you cannot do all this wearing your running shoes or worse, sneakers.

You need boxing shoes for this with particular features. Imagine what it will feel like if you slip on the ring when trying to escape your opponent’s fist. There will be more mental trauma than the physical one- Oh, the embarrassment!

Now, why do you need to get boxing shoes? How are they different? Well, firstly they will have features that improve your grip on the ground. You won’t be slipping every now and then when you move erratically.

Secondly, it will contour to your feet to give you better control over your feet. Finally, it will have pads that protect your feet from blisters and more to keep your discomfort to the minimum when you have so much to deal with from boxing. So boxing shoes are very important for boxing gears for beginners.

Make sure you invest in a good pair of boxing shoes because it will not only last long but it will improve your performance faster.

Choose the perfect shoes for you from these huge collections.

2. Boxing Trunks-To remove all the obstacles.

Boxing Gears for Beginners - Boxing Trunks

You will have to move the upper part of your legs too when you are moving the lower ones secured in your boxing shoes. Apparently, you may think that you can wear any kind of shorts for boxing. But, you will know the difference between regular shorts and the boxing trunks only when you use each of them to box.

Apparently, your boxing trunks must be of a length that does not create any obstacle when you move. If your knee gets caught up it, your speed and impact will be sacrificed even if you do not notice it. Furthermore, it should fit perfectly or else the loose ends will cause a disturbance. That’s why Boxing Trunks is also most important for boxing gear for beginners.

Apart from that, the trunks should be breathable, wicking moisture away from your legs. You do not want to feel too sweaty and heated up since boxing will already be there to heat you up beyond limits.

For your better comfort, you should be wearing good-quality trunks. So for that, you can see them here.

3. Punching Bag-As Your First Opponent.

Boxing Gears for Beginners - punching bag

If you have to face an opponent that beats back the moment you enter a boxing club as a beginner, chances are you won’t ever return there. So, usually, beginners start by boxing with a punching bag at home or club.

If you want to out-skill the others who start with you, you can buy a punching bag for your home so you can practice more. These are great bags to familiarize you with the boxing movements, impacts, and reactions. Furthermore, it will keep improving your hand, body and mind coordination.

When choosing a punching bag you will come across different types and many options. The first thing you will have to decide is whether you want a hanging punching bag or a freestanding one. You have probably seen more of hanging bags than the other type as they are the most common.

Apparently, hanging bags will react more to your hits while the freestanding ones will provide more stability. Apart from that, you have to consider the material that fills the bag as well. You will find bags filled with soft, hard materials and even water.

Other than that, you will find that vinyl, leather or canvas are used as layers and covers on them. But, one important thing you should check is the weight of the bag. It is best if you choose a bag that weighs half of what you weigh. That’s why boxing gear for beginners need to be careful when choosing boxing gear.

Because a too heavy bag will be too hard on you and a too light one will be quite useless.

You can check here to collect a good quality punching bag at the beginning stage.

4. A Jump Rope-To put your body and mind in the spirit.

Boxing Gears for Beginners - Jump Rope

You cannot box all day and only boxing will not improve your skills. Apart from that, there is the matter of your hands getting sore for boxing too often. This is where exercises like running and jumping ropes come in to rescue you.

Apparently, when it comes to boxing, working with a jumping rope gives you more chance to improve your skills. It works on your body coordination, endurance, balance, timing, stamina and also a reflex. And most importantly it gives you speed. Furthermore, you can experiment with it and practice different types of jumping.

When you buy a jumping rope, make sure it is of the right length for you and is also durable.

Sizing your jump rope for performing double is one of the key components. You have to make sure that you have a jump rope that is size properly accordingly to your height. If it is too long that going to cause too much strike on the floor. And if it’s too short it will be catching your toes and hanging you up.

So here’s how to measure if the rope size is perfect for you.

  • Take a rope and put it down on the floor and under one of your foot.
  • Grab the handle of the rope with hand and stand upright with both your feet together.
  • Make sure your rope’s cable end (excluding the handle) right on mid-lower chest level.

You can check here to collect a good quality Jump Rope for your comfortable practice.

If you’re thinking of getting one from online you can measure the length following above steps using tape instead of a rope. You can check this video for more details.
How to Size a Jump Rope

If you got your jumping ropes, You need to follow a proper boxer step of jumping ropes. All the best boxers you ever heard of is know how to skip. Because it’s important to stay light on your feet and help move across the ring, create angles and simply not getting hit. So the steps would be

  • Set up your posture with our core engaged so our chest out straight back and elbows go backward facing.
  • Your heels should remain off the ground.
  • You’ve got to incorporate your forearms along your wrist to get the rope moving.
  • Start with 1/2  step, you will be simply hopping from one leg to another while jumping.
  • Then the basic 4 count step, first 2 jumps will be 1/2  step, on 3rd and 4th you will jump on the same leg.
  • Toe kick outs step, it similar to 1/2  step but while you jumping with one leg you will be kicking out with another.
  • Mayweather step, similar to 4 count step but on 3rd and 4th hops you will flick your opposite legs in front of the rope.

There’s a video so you can practice watching it on.
Jump Rope For Better Boxing

Boxing Gear for Beginners: The Ones that Protect

You cannot box or improve your skills if you have broken parts in your body. This is why you must buy some of the following boxing gear for beginners and consider buying the others.

1. Hand Wraps-The primary protector.

Have you noticed how powerful punches Thor, Black Widow, and other superheroes are capable of throwing without a single flinch on their faces? Well, I did, and let me tell you that’s just pure acting where no one is actually hitting their fists. However, you can get close to doing this unrealistic task by lessening the impact.

hand wraps for boxing gloves

By wrapping hand wraps around your wrists, you can prevent your wrists or knuckles from breaking due to impacts. No amount of practice will make your body immortal to breaking bones. So, do not consider yourself superhuman and box without hand wraps.

You will find various types of hand wraps and a personal consideration would be how long you want the hand wrap to be. Apparently, you can even find elastic hand wraps that stick to your skin providing a good grip. If you do not buy elastic ones, make sure you buy ones that are not loose.

Apart from that, make sure the material making the hand wrap wicks moisture. Because you do not want slippery or sweaty hands when you box. This will act as a weakness.

You can wrap the hand wrap around your hand in any way you want to. But, make sure if you prefer a specific style, the hand wrap you are buying supports it.

You can check here to collect hand wraps for boxing gloves for your comfortable practice.

2. Boxing Gloves-The real protector.

Whenever you think of boxing, what are the most visible features of it? The boxing gloves. You cannot box without boxing gloves. It’s very important to choose quality boxing gear for beginners.

Now, it is quite clear what a boxing glove does. However, just as a reminder- it protects your hand from the bone breaking impact of the boxing bag or your own strength. How? With the padding inside it and its other materials, it lessens the intensity of the impact.

You will find various kinds of boxing gloves in the market. As a beginner, you will most definitely come across bag gloves first. These are just primary level gloves that are meant for bag boxing. You always can check Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners and Professional Fight.

It is not wise to use bag gloves in a ring or a competition where you are fighting opponents. This is because bag gloves only provide your hands and wrists the protection they need, it does not care about your opponent. However, these are cheaper than the sparring or competition gloves and are good for bag boxing practices.

But, if you do plan to get into fighting in the ring in the near future, it is best if you buy sparring gloves. As much as you want to knock your opponent unconscious, you do not want them dead or worse, with a deadly injury. A sparring or competition gloves do not just offer your hands protection but protects your opponents too.

Apparently, these gloves reduce the impact with their padding in both directions- when your hands feel the impact and when your opponent feels it on their body. As a result, you won’t be convicted of breaking your opponent’s face, nose or ribs that easily.

Check out Bag Gloves Vs Sparring Gloves for more.

Other than this, you have to consider the type of padding the glove has, its stitches and material to judge its quality. However, the most important thing to consider would be the size and weight. Misfitting gears are many times the cause of shameful losses in tournaments.

Therefore, make sure you find the boxing gloves that fit you like a second skin. Apart from that, velcro closures, moisture-wicking, and breathable features are additional things you have to consider for comfort. Note that, sparring groups must be 16 oz in weight. Our expert team can help you choose the best gloves for you. Check 18 Best Boxing Gloves For Training and Sparring for the best gloves available out there.

You can check on Amazon to collect boxing gloves for your comfortable practice.

3. Mouthguard – So you can eat with no trouble.

boxing Mouthguard

When you are boxing, you will definitely come across direct punches to your face. While swollen and red parts of your face will come back to normal over time with ample treatments, a broken or a few broken teeth will not. So, if you do not want to be the cute dragon toothless minus its flying powers and cuteness- invest in a good mouthguard.

When buying a mouthguard it is necessary that it fits your mouth. Apparently, mouthguards are not heat-resistant and they melt a bit due to the heat inside your mouth. This is a good thing because it helps the mouthguard contour to your teeth better.

You can consult with a dentist to find the perfect mouthguard for you as well.

You can check on Amazon to collect boxing Mouthguard for your protection.

4. Headguard-To keep you functioning like a human.


Injuries to other parts of your body are not as dangerous as an injury to your head might be. In boxing, you will come across various types of injuries and head injuries are one of them. Concussion, fractures, etc. are common occurrences.

Apparently, you need a head guard to ensure that these common occurrences will just be as harmless as that and not turn into something deadly. A head guard will protect different parts of your head and face as per your liking. You will apparently find head guards that only protect your forehead or ones that protect the back of your head as well.

Some head guard even protects your nose. However, one crucial thing you should keep a check on is the size and fit. What if the head guard comes loose and covers your eyes when you take a hit? The outcome will be very embarrassing.

So, find the perfect size of a head guard and makes sure it is strong enough to not break itself. Because it cannot protect your bones from breaking if it does.

You can check on Amazon to collect boxing Headguard for your protection.

5. Chest and Groin Protectors-So that you can walk straight.

If you know boxing well enough, you know that none of your upper body parts is safe. Your ribs, groins, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, chest, etc. are exposed to the opponent to punch. And, they will.

boxing Chest and Groin Protectors

The opponent will consider you came prepared for it and it’s definitely not his business to make sure you did. Therefore, you should consider investing in a chest guard and a groin guard. As the names suggest, the chest guard will protect your rib and chest area from the impact of the punches.

On the other hand, the groin guards will protect the lower part of your upper body. They may not protect you from the aches but they surely will protect you from breaking impacts. When buying any of them, make sure you do not have to compromise your comfort or skills for it.

They should fit correctly and also protect enough.

You can check on Amazon to collect boxing Chest and Groin Protectors for your protection.

In conclusion,

Although your body, its strength, and skills are the main things you fight with when boxing, there is boxing gear for beginners that you just cannot do without.

Apparently, even the professionals cannot do without these gears. A healthy and well-functioning body is much more important than winning a match. Luckily, a safe body and a good match come hand in hand in case of boxing.

You cannot win a match unless you make sure your body is in good condition. Therefore, most of the boxing equipment for beginners is dedicated to protecting your body. Fortunately, the same will help you improve your skills by decreasing the impact on your body.