How to learn boxing at home

How to learn to be a good boxer at home [Full guideline]!

If you look at the beginning of any sport or even any institution, you will see that they were actually made by a gradual, slow process, from nothing at all. Well, nothing material, at the least. Apparently, it was some kind of desire or need that led to the invention, expansion, and institutionalization of many things. Boxing is such a popular sport so many people try to be good boxer at home.

So, when you look back at the sport of boxing, the beginning seems quite clear. There were maybe street fights between rivals which took a group-competition form where two rivals were sent to fight each other while their teams cheered for them. Slowly but gradually, it took a sports form with rules and limitations to keep the boxers safe.

Nowadays, people consider training with the guidance of a trainer to learn boxing or any such sport. The reason is pretty clear and it is that raw, true, form of the sport that the learner wants to learn. Even princes used to learn from the best trainers when there were kingdoms and wars between them.

However, this norm does not mean that you cannot do better alone. In fact, you could develop your own technique in a way yourself that you can beat a trained boxer on your first fight. This is because it is still just a sport and you are a human who has capabilities that no one can grasp the depth of.

So, you might want to find out how to learn boxing at home for many different reasons. It could be that you do not have access to a boxing club for location or finances. Or, it could be that you just do not want to take up a new routine in your already jam-packed schedule.

Another reason might be that you want to accomplish the skills of boxing all alone without giving anyone a clue. Whatever the reason might be learning how to become a good boxer at home will help you more than your hours at the club. While the stances may not be the most correct, they sure will be more passionate and well-though about.

How to Learn Good Boxing at Home: Why learn it?

There are so many different kinds of exercises and things to learn to develop your body and mind but why would you choose boxing? Here are a few reasons:

  • Body Coordination: When you are boxing, you have to use your reflexes, mind and the whole of your body. You have to be aware, respond with your hand and legs and also move fast. Since you have to be on defense and also offend, even with a slight improvement in your boxing, the coordination between your body and mind will improve.
  • A full workout: Boxing itself will make your whole body work. However, when boxing, you will learn that you have too many other exercises to prepare for it as well. You can read the best article on boxing workout for beginners to learn all the right tips and tricks on boxing workouts.
  • Self-defense: If you choose yoga as your go-to exercise, you will only find peace and fitness and won’t be able to protect yourself when in danger. Boxing is something that will provide you with fitness, pleasure and also defense. If you are under a mob attack suddenly, your accuracy and strength will be much better than that of a person who has never boxed.
  • Mental peace: All kinds of exercises surely help to keep your mind peaceful but there is nothing as useful as boxing in keeping it stress-free. As a human, your natural instinct to people or things you do not like is physical aggression. Getting home from a long day at work with a rude boss, you can take out your desire to punch him on a boxing bag much safely than on the boss himself.

How to become a good boxer at home: Where to start?

Do you know which is the hardest part of starting new things at home? The beginning part. It is because you are quite clueless about where to start without the guidance you need. So, if you have actually decided that you are interested in boxing and you want to know how to learn boxing at home then here are some things you have to do.

1. Know it.

If you are just looking to learn boxing at home by being inspired by a movie like ‘Rockie’ then stop right there. Take a breath and examine yourself. Do you really want to get into this?

Look at other aspects of boxing than just the positive movie aspect. Know what you are getting into and what you require. This is because you have to be the strongest and most determined when you practice at home.

If you slack off, you will never learn boxing as there will be no one to push you harder past the difficulties.

2. Watch real boxing fights and training.

It may be using your laptop or by going to the nearest boxing show, you have to see an actual boxing fight. YouTube will have records of many historic fights as well. The first step to knowing something is to let your brain absorb all the information about it and process it. It’s a really effective way to become a good boxer at home.

This will help you visualize what you have to do better when you start doing it.

3. Read books on boxing.

Although this is the era of the internet, you will never gain as much knowledge as you can from books from the internet. The Internet provides you with a good range of areas but not the depth. So, if you want to know boxing and its correct, precise moves and rules, read books on it. You can find a list of best books on boxing and boxers from here.

4. Watch tutorials.

Well, the internet may not be enough but it sure does help to visualize. You will find many boxing tutorials online and these will definitely help you get a basic idea. And, the basic idea is what you need to form your beginner routine at home.

5. Form a workout routine.

Even before you start swimming or playing tennis, you warm yourself up, right? You have to do something similar when you start boxing. Apparently, you should set up a routine of exercises to do every day with intervals and counts.

This can include squats, sit-ups, running, etc. What these will help you achieve is a body that is ready to box and once you start boxing, to help you get better.

For example, running will help your speed and stamina, sit-ups will help your thigh strength and control, etc. Focus on exercises that will aim at the body parts that you feel weak at. And, do not forget to follow the routine every single day. If you want to become a good boxer at home then you must follow a workout routine.

6. Get a mirror and a boxing bag if possible.

Want to learn boxing in its truest form? Then, you do not only have to know the moves but you have to master them as well. The only way to know what you are doing is correct is to watch yourself in the mirror.

Since there will be no trainer to correct you, you have to let your own judgemental eyes do that by checking yourself in the mirror.

Apart from that, if you really want to learn boxing then you should consider buying a boxing bag too. Because it will give you just the right platform to practice and improve on.

You may find boxing gears for beginners really helpful for choosing the right kind of equipment.

7. Know your boxing stance.

The first thing you have to get right the moment you start boxing is your position. Like every other sport, boxing also has one precise, correct position that will help you do better. In this case, you have to remember things like keeping your hands raised up at your front in fists in a boxer-like stance.

Furthermore, it involves even more precise details like keeping your dominant hand behind the non-dominant one. It does not leave your lower body alone either. You have to keep your legs apart at a distance greater than the length of your shoulders.

Likewise, there are many small details that will help you learn boxing faster. If you do not get even one of this right, you will face difficulties with your speed, power and much more.

8. Know how to move correctly.

Once you figure out the exact stance for boxing that will help you get better every day, you have to figure out the right moves too. You do not only want to throw string punches but you want to be fast to the defense as well. This is where your footwork comes in.

Apparently, in boxing, you grad your feet rather than jumping on them. It may seem to you that the boxers are just hopping on their feet when you watch a fight but that’s not true. If you look carefully or have read a book on it, you will know that they drag when they move.

This way your feet will be on the ground and provide you with balance at all times. You do not want to deal with balancing yourself, defending and attacking at the same time and you cannot. So, learn the dragging movement to keep a check on your balance automatically while you focus on other aspects of boxing.

9. Do Shadow Boxing.

Among the many exercises, you can do to learn boxing better without equipment shadow boxing is the best. This is basically where you mostly practice on your defense moves. However, you just fight with the air.

You need space and mirror to know how you are doing. You can check this video to learn how to shadow box.
How to lean shadow box

10. Bring in a sparring friend.

You may have mastered all the defense and attack moves perfectly but can you actually use it in a fight? The only way to find the answer is to fight a live opponent. With time you will learn to interpret how humans react to your movements and also be able to defend yourself.

The process will definitely be fun. However, it is best if you find a friend who is equally passionate about boxing as you are. Or else, he/she might never want to see you again in fear that you will force him to fight and take a beating as well.

11. Lastly, practice.

Even people who learn boxing at gyms can never be proper boxers only for one good reason- lack of attention and practice. Therefore, even though you are learning how to become a good boxer at home, you can dream big. However, you must practice really hard and also be very attentive.

You should always move to the next move after perfecting the previous. In fact, you should always focus on evolving despite the difficulty. You surely do not want to be stuck at a certain level, right? Practice make maximum perfect, so you need to practice regularly if you want to become a good boxer at home.

Conclusion of Good Boxer at Home

Many times, the plethora of sports clubs available all around us are just profitable business offering basic knowledge and training that you could get anywhere. So, if you do not want to spend money on it then you can just try at home. Dedication and practice can take you a longer way than just guidance.

We have covered almost everything you need to know about how to learn boxing at home. If you follow each of these steps carefully, dutifully and mindfully then you will definitely do much better than the beginners in any club.

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