Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600

Winning ms 600 16oz Boxing Training Gloves Review 2023!

Winning ms 600 16oz boxing training gloves review is one of the best article for you which help you to take decision about proper boxing gloves.

Different brands manufacture boxing gloves at home and abroad, and based on the region, the style often changes.

Now, boxing itself is also different varying on the region. But if you wanted a classic Japanese boxing glove, then you will have a hard time sourcing one.

However, this winning ms 600 16oz boxing training gloves review is all about a Japanese style glove that will certainly satisfy you. If you are particularly searching for training gloves, then you will love this pair even more.

It is an all-purpose training glove that will assist you in different moves. But if you want to know more about the durability and merit of the product, then feel free to read the article.

Winning MS-600 16oz Boxing Training Gloves Review

Highlighted Features

  • Has a unique thumb-stopper
  • Leather bound exterior with extra layers on the thumb
  • Sturdy nylon stitches keep layers tight
  • Tie-up features allow comfortable closure
  • 16 oz glove, but does not feel heavy at all

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Winning MS-600 Review

winning ms-600 16oz boxing training gloves review

Winning is a Japanese brand that carries multiple products for different kinds of sport. Now, the innovation and creativity of Japanese items are not new to any of us, and this glove is also not a stranger to that.


A tie-up wrist is unique to Winning products, where they offer a long lace that you can tie up to your hands. So, it means the fitting of the glove is completely up to the user. You can loosen it or tighten it as much as you like based on the activity you are doing that day.

Tightening will not bunch the padding and the glove either. So, you will not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in the palm region. The only issue with this type of closure is that you cannot do it yourself. If you want the glove to be properly snug, someone else will have to help you lace up the glove.


This glove has 100% leather all around the exterior, which amplifies how users punch and hit. Leather is a tough material, which is much better than synthetic fabric. So, it can prevent slipping and makes each impact more powerful. At the same time, it acts as an effective barrier between the punching bag and your wrist.

Leather also takes much longer to deteriorate and will not start chipping or falling apart anytime soon. If you are worried about toxic smell or chemical odor, then leave those worries behind. This product smells nothing like chemicals even when you take them out of the box.


Since it is a training glove, it is bound to have multiple layers of padding. But what you do not know is that this brand is world-famous for having the softest padding and using the most superior quality material. As a result, even though the glove weighs 16oz, it barely feels heavy to users.

So, it is comfortable to wear and use but still provides the protection of a heavy-duty 16oz glove. Moreover, the cushion will not make you feel stuffy or sweaty.


Each stitch on the glove is done with extreme care so that the glove stays strong and tight. Manufacturers used nylon strings so that the string itself would be sturdy and less prone to breakage. So even if you hit hard and it lands on stitching directly, it will not flake or break.

Moreover, the stitching also keeps the layers of cushion in place and does not allow them to move around. Hence, you will not be punching one day and feel a hollow space on one side of the glove.


After including so many unique features, of course, the brand would not forget about including some safety factors; for example, the glove has an in-built thumb stopper. So, if you are a beginner and have trouble keeping your hands in a fist, this stopper will stop the thump from flailing around.

The thumb itself has a strong leather exterior, and the stopper is sewn pretty tightly. So, unless you intentionally want the stopper gone, it will not tear easily. Besides that, the glove also has extra padding where necessary. So, the knuckle and wrist areas are well-protected.


  • Strong stitches
  • Lightweight padding
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Durable glove
  • Comfortable tie-up design


  • Can be a bit expensive

Winning Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

When it comes to buying boxing gloves, you cannot get all complacent and just pick a pair. You need to do some study to understand which pair will be better for you. Luckily, we have compiled everything you need to know about boxing gloves in this segment.

Glove Types:

If we have to categorize this product, we would say that there are distinctively three types of gloves. Training, competing, and sparring gloves. Some people might argue that sparring and training gloves are the same, but we will say that there is a significant difference.

For example, sparring gloves are less bulkier than training gloves. They still have paddings but not as much. On the other hand, for a training glove, the more padding you can get, the better it will be.

However, gloves for hardcore competitions need to be as thin as possible so that you get your full range of motion. 


When it comes to gloves, it is more about the weight than the glove’s actual size. Of course, it has to fit your hand, to begin with, but even after that, if the glove is too heavy for users, then they will not be able to punch or kick the box.

Ideally, the glove needs to have less weight than one’s body weight and certainly needs to be lightweight. If the product is too heavy, then your hands will not be able to pick them up and box.

You might be wondering what happens with training gloves that have more padding. Well, for training gloves, they should be even more lightweight. So if you are picking a 14 oz training glove, the chances are that you would be comfortable with a 16 oz sparring glove.


Glove fabric is very limited, and usually, you will find them in leather. That is because leather is an ideal fabric for products like gloves. It is durable and can handle harsh impact quite well.

Moreover, leather is also suitable for strong blows and heavy impact. However, there are synthetic leather gloves available, which are slightly better than original leather.

But if you are on a budget restrain, you can look for synthetic fabric gloves. It will not last very long, but you can practice with them easily.


These products do come in various colors and designs. But the first thing you should look for design-wise is the fastening technique. There are hook systems, tie-up systems, or simple velcro models, and you can choose whichever feels good on your wrists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this 16 oz glove?

If your weight is between 150 to 180 lbs, then you can use this glove.

  • Will leather be waterproof?

No, leather gloves are not 100% waterproof.

  • Can the nylon string hurt my skin?

No, the nylon stitching will not come in contact with your skin or cause any irritation.

  • Will the padding cause sweating?

There is an inner layer of linen lining that should prevent sweating as much as possible.

  • Is this pair suitable for training?

Yes, since it has heavy padding, you can easily train with it.

Final Words

We have discussed everything there is to discuss training gloves in this winning ms-600 16oz boxing training gloves review. By now, you should also know the clear differences between different types of gloves, and how this particular product is quite useful.