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Why Would Joe Rogan Say It Would Be Safer For Fighters To Fight Without Gloves: The Gloveless Debate!

Why would joe rogan say it would be safer for fighters to fight without gloves? Joe Rogan, the comedian, UFC color commentator, and podcast host, has often opined on various topics related to mixed martial arts and combat sports in general. One of his opinions is that fighting without gloves might be safer for fighters, at least when it comes to long-term brain damage.

The Gloves Are Off: Why Would Joe Rogan Say It Would Be Safer For Fighters To Fight Without Gloves!

Here’s the logic behind this viewpoint:

Hand Protection vs. Head Protection:

Gloves, especially the heavily padded boxing gloves, were originally designed to protect the hands of the fighters, not the heads of their opponents. Without gloves, fighters would be more likely to break their hands if they punched an opponent’s head with full force. This could potentially result in fewer headshots and less traumatic brain injury.

Bare-Knuckle Power Modulation:

Without gloves, fighters might be more careful with their strikes, especially to the head. They’d be more likely to modulate their power, to avoid injuring their hands, which could lead to fewer concussive blows.

Gloved Punches Can Be Misleading:

A gloved punch can distribute the impact over a larger area. While this might prevent superficial cuts and bruises, it doesn’t necessarily reduce the brain’s momentum inside the skull, which is a primary cause of concussions.

Cuts and Superficial Damage:

One counterargument is that without gloves, there might be more cuts, bruises, and superficial damage. However, from Rogan’s perspective, these are less concerning than the potential for traumatic brain injuries.

Historical Perspective:

Historically, bare-knuckle boxing matches often had fewer rounds and could result in less cumulative damage over a fighter’s career, although the rules and fighting style were also quite different.

It’s worth noting that this is a controversial viewpoint, and not all experts or fighters agree. There are valid arguments on both sides of the debate. The primary goal for any combat sport should be the safety of the participants, so ongoing research and discussion are essential.

Why Would Joe Rogan Say It Would Be Safer For Fighters To Fight Without Gloves
Why Would Joe Rogan Say It Would Be Safer For Fighters To Fight Without Gloves

Is It Better To Fight With Or Without Gloves?

The choice between fighting with or without gloves ultimately depends on the context and purpose of the fight.

In professional sports like boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA), gloves are mandatory for the safety of the fighters. Gloves can help reduce the impact of punches and protect the hands from injury. They also provide a standardized tool for striking, making it easier to regulate and control the sport.

On the other hand, in self-defense situations or street fights, gloves may not be available or practical. In these cases, fighting without gloves may result in more damage to both parties involved.

It’s worth noting that bare-knuckle fighting has its own risks and considerations. While bare-knuckle strikes can potentially cause more damage due to lack of padding, they can also be more accurate and precise. Additionally, the absence of gloves can alter strategies and techniques used in a fight.

Ultimately, whether to fight with or without gloves is a personal choice that should be made in consideration of safety, legality, training, and the specific circumstances of the situation.

Where Can I Listen To Joe Rogan Podcast For Free?

Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience” (JRE), is available exclusively on Spotify. Spotify acquired exclusive rights to the podcast, so the entire library of episodes, as well as all new episodes, can be found there.

You can listen to the JRE for free on Spotify with ads, or you can opt for a premium subscription to listen without ads. To listen:

  1. Download Spotify: If you don’t already have Spotify, you can download the app for free on your device from the respective app store (Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS) or listen via the web player on a computer.
  2. Search for JRE: Once inside the app or web player, search for “The Joe Rogan Experience.”
  3. Choose an Episode: From there, you can select and play any episode from his vast library.

It’s important to note that since the deal with Spotify, the full episodes have been removed from other platforms like YouTube, although there are still clips and highlights available on the JRE YouTube channel.

Always check the official channels or Joe Rogan’s social media accounts for the latest updates on where to listen to his podcast.

FAQs on Fighting Without Gloves!

Q1: Without gloves, won’t fighters sustain more superficial injuries?

A1: Yes, it’s probable that fighters might experience more cuts, bruises, and superficial damage without gloves. However, Joe Rogan’s argument is that these injuries are less severe than potential brain trauma.

Q2: Is Joe Rogan’s perspective on fighting without gloves widely accepted?

A2: It’s a controversial viewpoint, and not everyone in the MMA or boxing communities agrees. There are compelling arguments on both sides, with the primary concern being fighter safety.

Q3: Have any MMA organizations considered removing gloves from fights?

A3: While some bare-knuckle fighting organizations exist, major MMA promotions like UFC have not indicated any plans to remove gloves from their bouts. Safety regulations, audience expectations, and tradition play a significant role.

Q4: Does fighting without gloves change the technique or strategy of the fighters?

A4: Absolutely. Fighters would likely adjust their techniques to avoid injuring their hands, which might result in a different approach to striking, particularly to the head.


In summary, while Joe Rogan presents an interesting perspective on the potential benefits of fighting without gloves, it remains a topic of debate within the combat sports community. As with any sport, the utmost priority should be the safety and well-being of its participants. Continual research and discussion are imperative to ensure fighters are protected.

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