What Oz Boxing Gloves For Sparring

What Oz Boxing Gloves For Sparring? Awesome Guide

Do you know what oz boxing gloves for sparring? Today we will discuss about it.

Boxing is a popular sport that is played around the world. I remember that when I was young but I don’t know which boxing gloves best for training or sparring.

One boxing arena opens within our community center in which the boxers of the different areas come to fight. That was the time when I came to know about boxing.

These games are played worldwide. This also gives strength to our immune system.

Do you think it is not a topic like an oz boxing gloves for sparring? Here I am looking for the sparring gloves weight, and this article is about sports.

But no, this article is about finding the proper size of gloves for sparring. Now we are starting to head toward our topic, “what oz boxing gloves for sparring?”

Choose the proper size boxing gloves:

best sparring gloves

There are different sizes available for boxing that are using for various purposes.

Training for beginners or youngsters:

6 oz size works well for beginners and youngsters under 45kg. Beginners use this size to practice boxing at an early stage. This size helps to protect them, and it is also lightweight.

Beginners fighting:

8 oz size gloves are suitable for beginners‘ fights. Women also use this size up to the weight of 50 kg. This boxing gloves is using for small hand or weight low boxer and use only for training. 

Hitting pads:

10 oz is perfect for the adult’s practice for a fight or the hitting pad. This size is also using for the trainer’s fight. The suitable weight for using this glove is 45kg to 65 kg.

Light sparring:

12 oz gloves are suitable for light sparring. This is great for adult training. If you are confused with the size of the best boxing gloves for training. 12 oz size is the best for you. You will use this gloves if your weight is 45kg to 67kg.


14 oz gloves are using for sparring and heavy-hitting pads. This size is also know as all-rounder gloves. The weight should be between 69 oz to 79 oz to use these. The boxer uses this size at the professional beginner’s level.

Heavy sparring:

best sparring gloves

16 oz size is use mainly in professional fighting and heavy-hitting. If your weight is 80 kg or plus and you like to hit with gloves, this size is the best boxing gloves for you.

There are also big sizes according to the boxer’s weight, but the above article will help you choose the right size for you. Now the question “What oz boxing gloves for sparring” is answer, which comes to your mind for selecting gloves.


Finally we learn that the  “What oz boxing gloves for sparring” question is now done. Choosing the right size for boxing is essential because the health of the hand is so important in this field. The wrong size can lead you to injury, which is unsuitable for sports.

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