Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves (Featured-2)
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Being a boxer brought me a lot of obstacles. Although, the skills and experiences help me tackle them. But what if the pair of gloves you have becomes an obstacle for you? This is what I faced. I never understood the importance of having a good pair. And for this, I used to feel like a DAMN LOSER for not giving my best. This pushed me to look for a new pair. After a thorough exploration, I thought to come with an Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves review. Because this mate indeed brought a positive change.

Some Fundamental Factors

Everlast pro style knows how to impress people with its features. The gloves intend to shape your skill up with their features. While other gloves have a tendency to give you irritation, this one shoos them away. So, there’s no reason to not have it.

Ideal customer:

The gloves are stated to be ideal for beginners. Since they don’t offer enough protection that the advanced level boxers require, they might get torn up after you strike them hard. If you are someone advanced, you can try out RDX boxing gloves. But, the people who are new to the world of boxing, this will surely benefit them.

Things to consider:

Material: This feature is what will tell you about the durability of the product. Since Pro style training uses a good quality one, you can expect it to perform better than its rivals.

Protection: The more padding the gloves will have, the more protection and performance you can expect. Albeit the Pro style training gloves lack enough protection for advanced level boxers, but it does have enough padding for the beginners.

Closure System: Make sure the product you buy comes with a good closure system. This pair features hook-and-loop wrist strap that will help you put on and off the gloves in a jiffy. Not just that, it also helps fit the gloves ideally so you can punch in a better way.

Size: You have to check the size before you get the gloves home. Because if the size does not fit your hands properly, you won’t be able to perform well with them.

Everlast Pro Style Training

The gloves come with complete padding on the front and rear of the wrist. It has ThumbLok feature and innovative two-layer foam. Besides, the product uses hook and loop wrist strap for closure system. So, this is what Pro Style Training is all about. It’s earlier version had non-elastic closure which you will not find in the upgraded one.

But the changes that the latter gloves have do promise to benefit you with its performance and durability, especially for beginners. Because the skilled and experienced boxers might not like some of the features of the product.

  • Reasonable.
  • Adequate protection for beginners.
  • Thumb Lock feature prevents injury.
  • Factory odor.
  • Not enough padding for advanced level boxers.
  • Gets warm quickly.

Features and Benefits:

Here I have explained each and every feature of the product so you can understand and know the gloves in a better way. There are a lot of them and all the features guarantee you to bring some advantages in different ways. So, here we go.


The Pro Style Training gloves come with complete padding on the front and rear wrists so you can enjoy appropriate striking techniques. Thus, calling them a well cushioned pair will not be wrong. Not just that, it also comes with groundbreaking two-layer foam for comfort and better shock absorption. This will help you a lot in making you a pro one just like the name says. However, the only thing you must keep in mind is your level of expertise. If you are a beginner, then the amount of padding will suit you but if you are a pro boxer, then you might want some more padding in the gloves.


Gloves can give some major nightmares if they do not have enough ventilation. As such a system makes the air passes in and out easily, this becomes an important factor to look for. As for this one, it comes with ‘EverCool’ mesh ventilation panel that does the job of sucking up all the moisture so your hands can feel dry. Although, your hands will get warm easily that is still manageable. Speaking more of it, the brand also boasts it to have ‘EverFresh’ feature. This is an antimicrobial treatment that will prevent odor so that you get the fresh smell from the gloves even after sweating a lot.

Closure System:

You will have both hook and loop wrist strap and a traditional lace-up option to choose from. Both the systems help fit the hands tight so you can show your true performance. Not just that, it also gives your hands enough room for mobility. Besides, the best part is that the Velcro strap one is able to hold greatly and you will find it easy to even grip the other one so you can put on the other hand easily. And this can be a big reason to like the product.

Thumb Lock:

This is stated to be an elastic band that connects the thumb to the rest of the glove. The feature is a great addition as it ensures added safety by keeping the thumb and fist positioned appropriately for extra security.

Size and color:

Just like most of the gloves, this one also comes with a range of 12 to 16 oz. While the 12 oz. gloves weigh 140 lb. the 14 oz. and 16 oz. gloves weigh 160 lb. and 180 lb. And you can expect them to be true to their size. But I would still advise you to try them out before making a purchase. Because if you get a smaller pair then it will squeeze your hands that will cause irritation and if you get a bigger pair, it will keep slipping off your hands. So, it’s better you don’t make haste while buying one. As for the color, well you will get 4 options: Red, Black, Blue and Red/Green. Although the choice is limited you will still love its simplicity and classy look.

Here is the video link that has talked about its features and benefits.

Everlast Pros Style Training Gloves Review


Durability comes from the material of the product. Being made up of synthetic leather, you can expect the gloves to last long. Although some people have mentioned it lasting for a month only, that depends on your level of expertise.

Grip cord:

If you think the padding speaks less about protection, then you must know about this feature. The grip cord is a big plus for not only offering you enough grip but also extra protection so you can have a good hold of the gloves to punch hard.


There are many boxers who look for gloves based on the design. Well, I personally discourage them to do so. If you are getting all the good features from the gloves, then looks actually don’t matter. Everlast Pro style training has been designed just like its other gloves of the same brand. You will find a big rectangular Everlast logo there on the wrist while the brand’s symbol ‘E’ is there on the little top of the logo. The palm of the pair features a unique mesh design that looks pretty cool.


If you have a tight budget and still want some high quality product, then you can think of taking the gloves into consideration. The Pro Style Training comes in low price range making it very reasonable for almost everyone so that you can afford it easily. Click here to check the latest price.

Social Proof:

I have found a lot of positive and negative reviews regarding the gloves. Although most of the advanced level boxers showed disappointed the people who are beginners seemed positive about the product. While some people griped about the smell of the product, some stated the opposite. Mixed reviews have also been found regarding the other features. However, here is a screenshot that shows the people’s reviews on the journey of using the product.

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If you think you want to look for some other options, then here are three alternatives that you can mull over.

  • RDX Ego Boxing Gloves
  • Everlast Heavy
  • Sandee Authentic Gloves

We also talk about the 18 best boxing gloves for training and sparring. So before going out and falling in love first, you need to know what you require. So let’s have a look if you want.

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

One of the best alternatives in the same price range. And you will even feel the price to be strikingly low for the gloves that have been made up of maya hide leather- a better than the Everlast pro style training. Not just that, they are also extremely solid so you can use them for fighting purpose as well. The palms have been holed by a series of dots so your hands can stay cool and the padding has been equipped with layers and the gel sheets in between that provide greater impact protection than Everlast one. You will also find adjustable wrist component for added support.

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves
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RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

Everlast Heavy

This is also a great option you can look for in the budget friendly price range. The heavy is from the same Everlast brand and it has been designed especially for bag work. Although it comes in one size only yet it is able to fit your hands decently. The gloves feature elastic strapping that will help make them slip on and off easily. Besides, they feature antimicrobial treatment that also helps avoid bacterial growth and bad smell. Having made up of neoprene, the material will allow your hands to breathe.

Everlast Heavy Boxing Gloves
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Everlast Heavy Boxing Gloves

Sandee Authentic Gloves

Now this one falls more in the price range. But if you want to get the best of the best, then spending a little more won’t be a bad idea. However, these Authentic Gloves by Sandee is another great option if you want to give a real fight. It is stated to be one of the hand stitched gloves that define well about its finesse. Besides, the gloves also feature better breathable palms so that your hand stays fresh for long and they can breathe properly. Not just that, it’s tri-foam shock absorbency and easy to open Velcro wrist straps also make it a great deal. What I liked about it the most is its suitability for both beginner and advanced boxers. So, the pair is something that you must have for yourself.

Sandee Authentic Boxing Gloves
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Sandee Authentic Boxing Gloves

Comparison list

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves
  • High quality artificial leather.
  • Ideal for fighting.
  • Extreme breathable.
  • Supreme padding for added safety and shock absorbency.
  • Affordable.
Everlast Heavy Gloves
  • High quality artificial leather.
  • Ideal for bag work.
  • Elastic strapping for effortless slip on and slip off.
  • Antimicrobial treatment for preventing bad smell.
Sandee Authentic Gloves
  • Real leather.
  • Ideal for fighting.
  • Extremely breathable palms.
  • Tri-foam shock absorbency.
  • Easy to open Velcro wrist straps.


So there you go. How was the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review?

Everlast proves once again that how it can impress the boxers especially beginners with its awesome Pro Style gloves. The ‘Training’ in the name already indicates that who should be using the gloves. The features that the gloves not only shape your skill and make you a pro but also help improve you in different ways. Besides, you can use it for both fighting and bag purpose, so you can call it a multipurpose pair of gloves. So, if you think you need a good pair of gloves to make you a pro, then train yourself with this ‘Training’ gloves from Everlast because I’m quite sure that you won’t get disappointed.

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