Venum Contender Boxing Gloves Review In 2022

Are you a professional boxer looking for a pair of reasonably priced gloves that will provide you with every aspect you need?

Or are you a beginner who wants to develop striking skills?
Well, in any case, you need a pair of boxing gloves that will adhere to your requirements quite well. And for now, we can’t think of any other item to be better than the Venum Contender Boxing Gloves.
If you haven’t heard of this before, then we can assure you that were just about to miss out on something great. But here we are, with our Venum Contender Boxing Gloves Review, which will let you know everything about it in detail.
Without any doubt, the more you get to know about this item, the more you will like it- so let’s get started!

Highlighted Features

  • Made of pure and top-quality synthetic leather
  • Constructed with multi-density foam
  • Comes with a full attached thumb
  • Contains a large Velcro enclosure
  • Available in two colors and ideal for beginners/veterans
  • Designed to have a curved anatomical shape
  • Perfect for fitness boxing, mitt work and bag work

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves Review

An essential part of getting boxing gloves is knowing it well before you make your decision. And although this one is great in every aspect, it’s best to get to know it comprehensively — which you will, in our review.

Made of Pure and Top-Quality Synthetic Leather

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

If you are going to purchase a pair of high-quality boxing gloves, then you will surely expect it to last long enough. After all, investing in a pair that will not provide service for a sufficient period would be a waste.
But that’s not something for you to be concerned about with this item, thanks to its pure and top-quality synthetic leather construction. This material ensures an extended service life like no other, so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.
Replacing the gloves every now and then will cost a lot of money as well, so it’s quite a relief that you won’t need to experience that negative aspect with this wonderful product.

The major benefit of this material is that it won’t wear or tear easily, so even after rough uses you can expect it to survive. In fact, you will be able to use the product regularly without worrying about it tearing down while you are in the middle of boxing.
This is what sets natural and synthetic leather apart, and the fact that it is 100% leather, without being a mix of any other material, only makes it much stronger, giving it a longer life span.

Constructed with Multi-Density Foam:

The primary purpose of boxing gloves is to protect the hands from shocks that can potentially damage them or leave them bruised. That is why most gloves are built to prevent that, and this one only takes care of it better than its counterparts.
For that, it comes with multi-density foam. Now, by the name of the material, you can already guess that the foam is denser than usual; which does its job better than you would normally expect it to.

The absorption of shock is impressive, which will leave you with no worries at all before or during the use of these gloves. No matter how hard you hit the bag, the impact will never get to your hand, which only makes it safer for you.

Safety is not to be taken lightly when it comes to sports, and this product knows that well. That is why it has been built with keeping such factors in mind; so it won’t be on your mind constantly when you are using them.

Comes with a Full Attached Thumb:

While you are boxing with your gloves on, the part of your hand that would be the most prone to injuries is your thumb. And some gloves can’t really ensure proper safety for them, which can be a matter of concern.
However, you don’t have to fret about such issues with these on, because they know how to keep their users safe and secure at all times. It surely does come with features that ensure that — so you can rest assured.
And such a facility would be its full attached thumb. Now the benefit of this design is that you won’t have to worry about your thumb getting twisted while you are boxing.

The feature makes sure your thumb stays in place, no matter how rough and tough the boxing gets. As a result, you can swing with all your strength, because there’s absolutely nothing for you to be concerned about with these on.

Contains a Large Velcro Enclosure:

Your performance in boxing depends on a lot of factors — some of which you may not even be aware of. And we can tell you that the fit of your gloves is one of those aspects, which you might have ignored so far.
Well, we are not telling you that it’s something you will have to concern yourself with now — we are just here to tell you how this item takes care of that for you as well. Now you might wonder how, and we will answer that for you right away!

As you can see, these gloves include a large Velcro enclosure. The benefit of this feature is that it will provide a secure fit and wrist support like no other. That is, you won’t have to worry about them falling off or getting loose in the middle of boxing or training.
This aspect also ensures that the item doesn’t feel too tight on your hands. As, if it does feel too tight, then your hands will get fatigued sooner than expected, which may hinder your training or boxing sessions.
Therefore, you can expect the Venum Contender Boxing gloves to fit your hands perfectly — to the point where you won’t even feel like you are wearing or carrying something on your hands.

Designed to Have a Curved Anatomical Shape:

The more you get to know about this item, more you will realize that it has been built to improve your performance and enhance your experience — because that’s exactly what it will be doing. A lot of things have been kept in mind while manufacturing this pair of gloves, and its innovative and stunning design doesn’t fail to show that. For instance, it is designed to have a curved anatomical shape — and we can assure you that this aspect is a lot more beneficial than you expect it to be. Now, you might be wondering as to how, and we are here to answer this.

The advantage of this design is that it will improve your striking technique without you having to try too hard. Hence, you will be getting results without putting in as much effort.
Another benefit of this aspect is that it will reduce the risk of injuries. If your technique improves and if your posture is proper, then you are less likely to get injured anyway.

Perfect for Fitness Boxing, Mitt Work and Bag Work

Now that you know that this pair of gloves is quite popular for improving striking techniques, you can assume that it would be ideal for striking training — and that, indeed, is the case.
It comes with features and facilities that make it ideal for fitness boxing, mitt work, and bag work — whether you are doing it professionally or just for the sake of practice.

Overall, no matter what you use this item for, it will surely not disappoint you because it has been built keeping your performance, safety, and experience in mind.
With this pair of gloves in hand, you are sure to feel comfortable, powerful, and motivated, which will surely help you excel in the previously mentioned activities.


  • Absorbs shocks and provides top-notch fit with wrist support
  • Long-lasting with little slow wear and tear
  • Improves striking technique and performance while reducing injury risks.
  • Perfect for professionals and beginners while being suitable for fitness boxing, mitt work and bag work
  • Available in multiple colors for convenience in style selection


  • Stitching on the inside are quite cheap
  • Can hurt the palm from time to time

What to Look For Before Buying Venum Contender Boxing Gloves?

The task of selecting a reliable pair of boxing gloves may seem simple — but the more you indulge in the details, the more complicated the task seems to get. And that is why it is important to select a pair with utmost care.
There are some essential factors and features that shouldn’t be overlooked; and even if it seems like a lot of work to keep them in mind, we can assure you that considering them will be very much worth it.
The good news is, you won’t have to figure out those factors all by yourself because we will be providing a list with proper details. With that in hand, you won’t face any trouble at all.

What Will You Use Them for?

Boxing gloves can be used for various purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can expect one to work out for everything. Before buying a pair of gloves, you will have to be specific about why you need them exactly.
For instance, some are suitable for fitness boxing, whereas others are more apt for sparring and such. Hence, it is convenient to know about the capabilities of the item before making a decision.
The product in this review is suitable for a few purposes. But you will have to choose a size based on the task you will be needing it for. Such as, if you are going to use it for fitness boxing, then you might want something larger, with more foam.

Are They Durable?

Durability is not an aspect in question when it comes to this item. But it is still something you should keep in mind when buying a pair — because the last thing you would want to do is replace your purchased gloves within a few months or so.
 You would want to choose leather — one that is pure and authentic obviously because they tend to last long.
 Of course, you wouldn’t want the gloves to tear down while you are in the middle of a heavy boxing session.

Are They Comfortable and Safe?

Many boxers and trainers tend to suffer from injuries at times, ranging from being not so serious to deadly at times.
For that, you will have to make sure if the pair of gloves contain ample safety features — which includes an attached thumb or extra padding. These aspects can reduce the shock impacts or can prevent the thumb from twisting.
Other than that, extra padding or density foam can also provide some comfort for the users. And that should be a priority as well because the last thing you would want is to hand fatigue after a long session of boxing.

Do They Fit Properly?

Here’s a catch — without a proper fit, you can’t really feel comfortable. And that goes for almost everything — starting from shoes to clothes. That goes for gloves as well, which is why the fit is so important.
While consumers do realize the importance of fit, they seldom give it much thought while purchasing, and we recommend you to put a wise amount of thought into it.
This product comes in various sizes, and before you choose a size, make some queries regarding whether it will fit your hands well or not. Or if you are already knowledgeable in the department of glove sizes, then that’s even better!

Will They Let You Perform Well?

Excelling a sport is not all about the skills of the individual — the attires and accessories being used do have some contribution as well. That is why professionals put so much thought into purchasing the right one.
For instance, this item is known for improving striking technique, so if your primary goal is striking training, then you know for a fact that this will bring improvement to your performance.
However, don’t let that discourage you from buying this for other purposes as well, because we can assure you that this brings improvements in other departments as well. But still, do look into that before purchasing.

Are They Suitable for Beginners or Professionals?

Some gloves design only for beginners . While others are mainly make for professional.

However this one right here, does not discriminate and promises a delightful experience for amateurs and veterans alike.

It has the comfort and the safety that a beginner will need, along with the ease of use that they require. Along with that, it also offers the improvement in performance and robustness that a professional can expect.
Therefore, it is ideal for both parties, and it should not be a matter of concern for you if you are on your way to purchase this.

Are They Unisex and Meant for Your Age?

Many people tend to assume that this pair of gloves is suitable for men who are professional boxers — that is, those who are around 25-40ish in age. But we can assure you that this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.
However, this pair can  use by people of all ages. That means, if you have kids who are getting into boxing, then you can surely get them this. However, in this context, the size is quite essential, so do keep an eye on that.
On the other hand both men and women can use this boxing gloves. Again this pair of gloves is not one to discriminate. That is why it comes in multiple sizes for you to choose from. And once you select the right size, you are good to go.

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves Size Chart

Are They Worth the Money?

If you are one of those people who wouldn’t want to spend a lot on a pair of boxing gloves, then we can assure you that this one would be very much worth the investment.
First of all, you will get it at a rather reasonable price. It costs about 30-38 dollars which provides great value for money given all the amazing features that it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I rely on these gloves to hit the heavy bag?

Yes, you absolutely can. This gloves are making for multiple purposes, one of which is hitting the heavy bag.

You can also use the item for fitness boxing, mitt work, and bag work— just make sure to not abuse them, so they can provide services for longer.

  • Are these gloves machine washable?

Not really. If you want to keep them clean then you can try other methods. For instance you can use a wet cloth to clean off the dirt from the surfaces of the gloves.

  • Will these gloves work well for kids?

There is no age limit to this glove— every people of all ages as long as they fit properly. And we are sure that they come in sizes that will ideal for children as well.

  • Which size of gloves should I use for sparring?

If you are going to use these gloves for sparring then we would suggest you choose something that is a little bigger than the rest. For instance, you can go for the sizes 14oz or 16oz — whichever seems more suitable for you.

  • On what basis should I select the size of the gloves?

Most people only tend to focus on the internal fit when getting gloves for themselves, and while that is important. It is also necessary to focus on the use of the gloves while deciding their size. Some activities require larger gloves in general and vice versa, so do keep that in mind.

Final Words

After going through our comprehensive Venum Contender boxing gloves review you are sure to have no doubts about this item anymore.
Saying that the pair of gloves is stunning would be an understatement because it is actually one of the best out there.
So explore your opportunities, but don’t miss out on this amazing product.